Stay relaxed. Stay online. Anywhere.

CapaSitty: smart solar bench


CapaSitty is a solar bench for public space, which offers relax, an internet connection and charging the device via USB and induction. In addition, measures the air quality.

Clean energy directly from the sun in cities or countryside.
New possibilities of using renewable energy sources and off-grid systems.
Specific solutions to the energy needs of individuals in the digital society.


Animation of public space.
Services that people appreciate.
Information about air pollution in given location.
Off-grid energy source – cable free solution.
Combined with the latest trends in smart cities and the Internet of Things.


Bench can be placed wherever people appreciate its clever functionality and also completely environmentally friendly operation.

CITY – stops and junctions, squares, parks

EDUCATION AND CULTURE – schools, university campuses, libraries, museums, galleries

PLAYING FIELDS – stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS – towers, technical monuments and castles

NATURE – national parks, mountain areas, swimming pool, intersections popular hiking trails


Design by Jan Vítek, Tech by Tomáš Pavlík & Jan Jedlička.